Hi and welcome to my website!

My name is Emmy and I am a mom of 3 beautiful kids, Isabelle, Matthew and Chloe. I am a certified Vinyasa and Pre/Post-natal yoga teacher. I started this website with the hope of being able to share about my yoga experience and sequences as well as my lifestyle as a woman and mom who also works full-time at a global tech company! Things can get a bit hectic sometimes while balancing it all and I hope to be able to share all my adventures navigating all aspects of my life and hopefully be able to relate to some of yours.

I have created several flows in the ‘Work Out with Me’ section where you can choose whatever workout you feel like that day – it could be a 20-minute flow for any anxious/stressful moments or an energizing lunch-time flow during the work day – whatever you feel like, even a few minutes of movement throughout your day can really shift your mood. The flows are at different intensity levels and many of them pregnancy friendly.

In the ‘Blog’ section, you will also see snippets of my lifestyle (motherhood, fashion/style, work/life balance, and more).

I hope you enjoy it and know I am always happy to hear from my readers/visitors and always welcome any feedback!

With Love, Emmy xx